A Word About Dresses and Color

There are a lot of companies that sell dresses and..

A Word About Dresses and Color

There are a lot of companies that sell dresses and many seem to have the one size fits all mentality. Not in terms of fit, but in terms of style. When something becomes popular, a majority of dresses are modeled after that particular style. The same issue comes to color. Some stores only go with what is popular or seasonal and don’t offer many options. The result is that some women feel like they don’t have any choices and other women have no clue how to pick the right dress for their body or coloring. Fortunately, there are some simple tips to finding the right dress.

The Color Rule

There are only few rules when it comes to color. In most cases, light colors tend to emphasize features on a woman’s body while dark colors can hide a woman’s features. For this reason, popular opinions are that a darker color dress is more flattering. However, there are some women who don’t have any body features they want to downplay. In these situations, any color dress will work.

Dress Color Working with Skin Tone and Hair Color

There are situations where a woman may have skin tone issues or hair color issues that can make some color dresses not look as flattering as others. This can be a huge problem if a woman looks great in a dress, but the color doesn’t match their hair or skin tone.

When a Dress Looks Good it Looks Good Regardless of Color

This is where a woman will want to be as flexible as possible. Making concessions in terms of colors that may not be to a woman’s liking, but if it makes them look beautiful is a trade off. worth considering. Bottom line, if the dress looks spectacular on a woman, the color of the dress may not be a big deal.

There are plenty of other things that could be said about color, like seasonal color choices. However, color can make or break a great dress. Whether you’re trying to hide or show off your body, the right color dress can do all of this and much more. In many cases, the right dress may be less about the cut or even the fit, but it may be more about the color that suits your body the best.