Looking On The Bright Side of Facts

The Cool Space Facts That You Have Never Thought Of..

Looking On The Bright Side of Facts

The Cool Space Facts That You Have Never Thought Of

It is difficult to comprehend the different features of the space. Looking at the space at night makes you wonder about the different planets. The following are the six facts that you need to know about the space.

Multiple Planets Do Exist

From what was taught in the school is that there are eight planets in the solar system. The other planets are not inside the solar system.The planets are known as the exoplanets and they rotate around a different star. The confirmed number of the planets stands at 1800 while the other 3000 planets are subject of confirmation. The scientists are trying to find the alternative to Earth but most of the planets are filled with the hot gases.

The Sun Requires Million Earths For Them To Have The Same Size

It was once believed by the ancient astronomers that the Earth was the largest of the planets and it was at the center. The Sun was identified to be the biggest body in the space. The Sun is so big that several Earths will be required to form the same size of the Sun.

The Weather In The Planets Is Unbearable

The weather is not the same in most of the planets. Jupiter has undergone the Hurricane storms for the past three hundred years and it has speeding winds. The Mercury and the Venus that are closer to the Sun are known to be very hot. Venus is regarded as the hottest planet. Neptune has the fastest winds among all the planets.

You Can Quickly Gain Access To The Space

There is a universal point known as the Karman line that makes the beginning of the space. The estimated distance of the Earth to the space is at 100 km. That means that you can reach the space in less than an hour when you decide to drive going upwards.

When You Cry The Tears Turn To Bubbles

Crying will not make the tears fall.The water in the space floats like bubbles, and they cling to anything that they come in contact with. When you cry the tears will form the bubble around your eyes and they will not fall. Your feet are also likely to peel off when you float.

No Planet Is Hotter Than Venus

Most people think that Venus is the hottest planet because of its proximity to the sun. Venus maintains the record of the highest planet because of having clouds that absorbs the heat from the sun. The mercury only maintains hot temperature when exposed to the Sun and loses its heat during the night.

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